Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Static Movement Print Issue

It's funny, really, what you miss when you don't make a regular habit of googling yourself.

Static Movement is working on their 2nd Print issue, which will be available at  http://www.lulu.com/content/645378 when it's released.

Obviously, Issue #2 isn't out yet, but I'm quite excited as I know the stories were gleaned from over a year of submissions and each were hand-picked by Chris Bartholomew to give a better representation of the real feel of Static Movement.  Also, each story is apparently illustrated, which always makes me irrationally happy; I know every time I see the gun barrel on the "Monologue" page of Twisted Tongue, I have to hide a little squeal of delight.

So -- go order a copy of Static Movement Issue #1 and support small press publishing, and come back for Issue #2 because I'm just THAT cool.  And mail me a copy to autograph.  No, joking....or am I?

Anyway, after pleasantly discovering that I was being included in the print issue (I remember having submitted my request to Chris, but didn't know what became of it), I decided to continue my foray into self-googling, with some entertaining results.  For example, an RSS-feed of "Angelfish" snaked its way onto HouseNanny:  http://housenanny.com/nanny/angelfish-by-tl-bodine/ (a site which is, apparently, all nanny-related RSS feeds -- how utterly bizarre, yet delightful!).

Also proudly seated on page 1 of the results is one of my geekier forays, a Harry Potter essay including a somewhat nutty theory about Regulus Black which was nevertheless at least partially satisfied by the outcome of the series:  http://www.mugglenet.com/editorials/editorials/edit-tbodine01.shtml
I could have sworn I wrote at least one other article for Mugglenet, but if I have, it's not in the prominent google position.

In other, non-google-related news, I'm in the preparation stages for my Nano-novel that I pitched in my last post.  "Tagestraum" is shaping up quite nicely in my head, where I'm letting it stew quietly rather than start up on any further thorough plotting.  Instead, I'm taking the time to do lots of recreational reading, something I sadly haven't allowed myself to do as much as I should -- and, I've noticed, my worst bouts of writer's block always seem to coincide with patches of not reading.

I've been playing with an idea for awhile, based on the Nanowrimo model.  Depending on how successful I am this November, we'll see if it takes hold...but I'm thinking, maybe there should also be a novel *editing* month, or a novel *marketing* month, along the same guidelines.

I'll let you know where this line of questioning takes me.

Until then....order your copy of Static Movement!

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