Monday, November 7, 2011

Forever industrious

I had a very productive day yesterday, although it didn't make me any money. 

I woke up much earlier than I'd intended thanks to the time change, and spent the extra time in my morning catching up with my brother.  He's a writer as well and it's always nice to talk shop.  I've been teaching him all about content writing, and he's been exploring various venues for himself.  We've both got novels going, too, so it's a bit of a race to see who finds success first. 

Afterwards, my boyfriend and I went to the local Renaissance Festival.  Our local Ren Faire is really more of an arts & crafts fair than anything, but it's a fun way to spend the day.  Lots of food, music, and ways to spend your money.  I picked up a CD of Celtic hammered dulcimer music that had put me in a very Tagestraum-ey mood, so I look forward to doing some writing with that. 

The event program had listings of all of the vendors who were there, with contact information. I think I'm going to go investigate all of the sites and see if any are in need of some content-writing to improve their SEO.  It can't hurt to cold-call some people, right?  Local businesses are the way to start with that, for sure. 

After the faire we had some money left to spend (miraculously) so we went to the local theater where they have a "dinner and a movie" special on the weekends.  If you buy $25 in food at the cafe, you get two free movie tickets.  We ended up going to 50/50, though we had absolutely no idea what it was (except that it had two actors I like and was about cancer).  It was refreshingly good.  I really love comedies "with heart" that don't get sentimental.  It was one of the most real, genuine "illness" movies I've ever seen, and legitimately laugh-out-loud funny.  Definitely worthwhile. 

Once that was over, it was nose-to-the-grindstone again.  Textbroker had slim pickings last night, so I focused on working my way through the Content Mill Master List, applying for new sites.  Diversification is key, right? 

I've got several applications out now.  I'm a bit more excited about some opportunities than others.  I'm really hoping I get in at BrightHub, for example, as I'd be writing for the console gaming channel and that's pretty much awesome. 

I also wrote up my first Examiner article and sent that in for approval, put up an article on Constant Content, and spent a few hours roleplaying on Gaia, which I haven't done in ages and which felt so good. 

Altogether, definitely one of the better "days off" I've had.

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  1. Ren Faire... *so jealous* Oh well, considering the nice setting Neko and I upgraded to, I'm willing to trade off losing the... Well, okay. Almost. *sigh* I miss the Ren Faire! *tries to type around a suddenly snuggly Chi* And I miss YOU! *hug* Glad you had such a fabulous day off!!