Monday, February 20, 2012

In Other News: "The Academy" Has Been Released!

"The Academy" has been published by Freedom Fiction!

My brother compared this story to "classic Vonnegut" which is probably the single highest praise I could ever, ever receive.

The story follows the rise and fall of superheroes, telling the story of a super-powered woman who's now scraping by on unemployment now that she has been replaced by a more powerful force.

I came up with the idea for this story one particularly desperate evening when I couldn't afford to do laundry and so decided to wash all of my clothes in the bathtub instead.  As I stood there ankle-deep in lukewarm water, I started to feel kind of sorry for myself.  Then, in the back of my mind, the narrator for the story started telling me her story, and it made me feel a lot better about my bathtub laundry antics.  I got out of the tub, sat down, and wrote the first draft of the story all in one sitting, just letting her rant and rave and tell me all of the details of her life.

It's been refined a bit since then, of course, but a lot of her raw energy still comes through in the narrative.  Every so often you get the feeling that you-the-writer are really only acting as a conduit for some otherworldly force to tell its story, and this is definitely that kind of tale.

Also, as a word of advice:  Don't do your laundry in the bathtub.  Trust me, it's really just not worth it.

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