Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back in Action...Slowly

Whew!  Tomorrow, I will have been in Austin for one whole week!  And what a crazy week it has been.

The drive down was pretty unremarkable.  Mostly I sang along with the radio to drown out the sound of my yowling cats and occasionally stopped off to check on the rats in the hatchback. Rats, incidentally, are the best road trip buddies.  They think *everything* is a wonderful adventure.  Being loaded into a cat carrier?  Awesome!  Running around in a hotel bathtub?  Most fun thing ever! 

Once I got down, I signed the lease, moved in the animals, and just sort of flopped over on the floor for awhile.  The apartment itself is great.  It feels smaller than it is, I think because it's so barren.  Hopefully once we get our stuff moved in it'll feel a little less empty and desolate. 

Things started to go wrong on Saturday, though.  First, David's car got towed for being parked without a sticker.  These apartment people don't fuck around.  So that was a $200 investment coupled with a long road trip to some very backwoodsy tow yard to rescue the Cavalier.  On our way home, *my* car died. 

Now, I have to be grateful to the Precious that she waited until I was at my destination before dying.  It was very generous.  Still, I am not pleased to have a dead car and no funds to fix it with.  I think I might be selling her soon, and that makes me really sad.  I learned how to drive in that car!  But all good things must end, and these persistent electrical problems are going to be the death of me. 

Anybody want to buy a 99 VW beetle? 

Anyway.  I managed to get some work done this week, so hopefully we can afford a bed!  Sleeping on the floor is really not as much fun as you'd think it would be.  In fact, it's pretty lame.  Air mattresses are expensive, too.  I always thought they cost like $10, not $60.  Ah well. 

I'm aching to get back to work on Tagestraum, but I'll have to hold off until some of my finances are straightened out a bit.  I'm too busy panicking about whether or not I'll eat next week to be able to concentrate on the novel. 

Ah well.  Off for a long hot soak and a little Game of Thrones before bed.

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