Friday, May 18, 2012

Writing Goals

An email exchange I've had recently brought up the question: How/Where do I see my writing?  Not financially, but big picture-wise -- what's my "end game" as it were? 

I think all writers probably have a lot of goals, some of them more realistic/reasonable than others but all of them very cherished.  I have two bits of advice to all writers: 

1.) Don't ever give up on those ridiculous hopes, because you just never know what might happen
2.) Celebrate every single accomplishment along the way, no matter how small or insignificant it seems

Keeping those two things in mind, here's my list of goals/ambitions/dreams, roughly listed in the order of "likelihood of happening": 
  • Finish my current WIP and all of my other unfinished projects
  • Start and finish something totally new
  • Land an agent for Tagestraum
  • Get a publishing deal for Tagestraum
  • Publish other books
  • Write novels full time
  • Sell out a first printing and enjoy wild success
  • Get a six figure advance
  • Get blurbed by Neil Gaiman or Stephen King (or both!)
  •  Get a movie deal
  • Be interviewed on TV
  • Have one of my books be analyzed by a college lit class
Whenever I'm feeling down, I'll grab one of these goals "off the shelf" and indulge in a good old-fashioned day dreaming session.  It's good for the soul (but only if you stop daydreaming and get back to writing at some point).

Anyway, enough of my babbling -- what are your goals/dreams?  What's the most ridiculous-yet-cherished ambition you have?  I'd love to hear then, no matter how crazy or pedestrian. 

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