Tuesday, June 12, 2012

28 Day Blog Challenge: The Importance of Editors

Describe your editing process. Who edited your book? What was your relationship with your editor like? What could each of you have done to improve it? What might you do differently in the future?

I can safely say that Tagestraum would not have been finished if I hadn't had my brother, Andrew, prodding me about it.  I remember sending him the first few chapters after I'd finished them -- in their raw, Nanowrimo state -- and he basically responded back with, "dude, this is really good.  Why haven't you finished this yet." and I hemmed and hawed and procrastinated.  This went on for three years at every stage of the process. 

"Why are you writing something else?  Go back and finish Tagestraum."

And that's not even counting all of the plot discussion we had, working out plot points.  Large portions of the plot were figured out while walking my dog, pacing the kitchen or sending half-asleep emails and text messages.  Sometimes, having another writer in the family can be reeeeealllllly helpful.

Anyway.  I did have a few other people read the book.  My friend Crystle, who's basically a bottomless fountain of enthusiasm, and my friend Megan, who's pretty much the geek I always wanted to be when I grew up.  When I got to the point that all of them read the book and their response was, "Wtf, why aren't you sending this to agents RIGHT NOW" I figured maybe it was time to get started.

All of that said, I've always been pretty self-sufficient when it comes to editing.  Maybe it's because I've had such a hard time with finding critique groups, so I don't really have a crit partner (aside from my brother).  Or maybe I'm just sort of a lone wolf.  But even when I solicit for feedback from people, I always do the bulk of my own editing, and I have a hard time imagining a world where that's not the case.  


  1. I think editing really is up to the writer most of the time. That said, I've found some great individual critique partners on the Absolute Write forums! I've found some who never respond, too, but hey...

    And if you ever want me to take a look at some of your first few chapters of a WIP to see if we'd be a good fit, let me know! I certainly stalk your blog... :)

    1. I should get out into the world more. My one critique partner attempt on AW was...not mutually satisfying, I think. lol. But that does sound awfully tempting! I stalk your blog too, so we can, uh, mutually stalk. That's not creepy at all...