Thursday, June 28, 2012

The 28th Day Cometh

What are you going to do to keep the blogging momentum going? What plans do you have to continue your connection with other Author Blog Challenge participants?

Well, it's over:  The 28th day of the 28-day-blogging-challenge has come, and I've survived!  I've made it through all 28 prompts, on time.  I win!  *insert Snoopy Dance* 

I'm not sure if I can keep up with the daily blogging pace, but I'm going to try to keep it consistent and frequent.  I'm also hoping that people keep stopping by my blog and commenting and such -- I love chatting with people!  I know I'm following a TON of blogs now from fellow writers, so it's awesome.

I'm also glad to hear that the Facebook group will stay up.

Which reminds me of the OTHER Facebook group I'm in.  If you're on Twitter and Facebook and you're a writer, you should totally check out #TwitWits.  It's a new group composed of some people who have met through various contests and events, and they're always available to offer critique, support and network.  There's also contests rolling through frequently.  So you should take a peek and see if you'd like it.

Anyway.  If you want to keep in touch with me, follow me on Twitter at @TLBodine or friend request me on Facebook (Tiana Bodine).  Just let me know who you are when you friend me on Facebook so that I don't think you're a creeper.  


  1. Congratulations on meeting the challenge. I've enjoyed reading your posts. Keep up the great work.

  2. The daily blogging posts were quite the challenge for me too, but I'm pretty sure I can keep up a pace of one or two posts a week. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!