Thursday, June 28, 2012

As the Challenge Winds Down...

What has been the best part of participating in the Author Blog Challenge? What are your suggestions for improving the next Author Blog Challenge?

There's quite a few things that I've really enjoyed from working through these prompts and being a member of the challenge community:
  • It's forced me to write every day, whether I felt like it or not, whether I had a lot of time to spare or not.  That's the sort of dedication I always need to hone in myself, and hopefully I can start using some of that dedication to work on WIPs as well as my other writing duties.  
  •  It's let me discover my blogging voice.  I was having a hard time with that, determining exactly what "persona" I should be using on my blog.  I'm glad to discover that my "author persona" is sort of just like me, only wittier ;)  
  • I've been getting blog hits!  Yes, that's a totally selfish reason, but there it is.  Blog hits!  I love it.  I'm addicted to my Google analytics.  
  • I've been able to read a lot of great tidbits and advice and find people to follow and overall just be part of a community of writers, which is the coolest thing ever. 

    Anyway, I'm a blogging challenge convert.  I'll be happily looking forward to more challenges in the future. I'm also glad to hear that the Facebook group will stay open so I continue lurking around it like a creeper *grin*

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  1. I agree so much that being forced to write every day was helpful and can, hiopefully, bleed over into my WIPs too!

    another blogging challenge convert here too:)