Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ideas...Oh, the Ideas

What is/will be the subject of your next book?

I tend to hoard ideas.  I used to keep a notebook full of them, but I realized that the really good ideas would stick with me whether I wrote them down or not.  I've got ideas that I've carried around for years, quietly waiting for their time. 

Of course, the corollary to this is that the longer you carry an idea, the less likely you'll be to finish it.  The best ideas are pushy.  They get up in your face and force you to write them.  They don't let you wait to ruminate.

But I do still have several stories coming down the pipe.  I like having these ideas stockpiled so that the next time I find myself without a project, I can immediately start working on one of these.  If I get blasted with inspiration for something else before then, great.  But if not, I have these idea security blankets sitting and waiting for me to tell their tales.

So.  We already know all about Tagestraum.  Here's the ideas I've got queued up:

  • My current WIP, Carnal Jesus.  This is actually a re-imagining of a novel I wrote in college.  That book was fatally flawed in many ways, but I liked the characters and themes so I gutted it completely and re-worked it.  Now it's a story about self-aware zombies who struggle for equal rights.  My inspiration board for it is on Pinterest, and you can get a pretty good idea about what sort of book it is from that :D 
  • An urban fantasy noir that I'm tentatively calling Sin Dealers.  It's about a womanizing playboy who sleeps with a mysterious woman and gets infected -- not with a disease, but with a demon.  The demon begins slowly taking over his body (and his life).
  • Another urban fantasy whose working title is Homeless Harvest Moon for no clear reason.  About a woman who finds a super-powered young child and has to keep her safe from people who mean to do her grievous harm.  She ends up getting joined by a complement of real-live myths.  Sort of an American Gods type situation.  
That's the big'uns that have been floating around.  More always come, of course, so who knows what's next?  

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