Saturday, June 16, 2012

Interview With a Bibliophile

For today's blogging challenge, I was given the task of finding a bibliophile and asking them questions about their reading habits.  Lucky for me, I know several such people!

For the prompt, I decided to message my friend Bombazine (not her real name...obviously)  because 1.) she was online when I realized I needed to interview someone and 2.) she's one of the few people I know who is a passionate reader without really being a writer as well.  She's an artist and pursuing her teaching certificate right now, and we've known each other online since middle school where we met on Neopets.

Anyway!  On with the questions
  • How many books do they buy per month?  Usually zero.  I generally borrow from friends or the library, or re-read books I already have.  
  • How many do they actually read?  Around three in the summer, less (for fun) during the school year
  • What do they read?  I gravitate toward general fiction, but I think I put down a considerable quantity of nonfiction (memoirs, essays, animal behavior books). I'm also reading a little fantasy lately.
  • Where do they buy their books?      Uh...I don't buy a lot of books. But thinking back on my last purchases, I'd say I got half from Amazon and half from a local bookstore in my parents' town.
  • Who is their favorite author? um...I think right now I would say, toss-up between Barbara Kingsolver and Patrick Rothfuss.
  • What do they like about the author?  haha, god damnit, nothing I say is going to do them justice. Their people are 100% believable and interesting! And Rothfuss, I swear, was the first author who amazed me with his ability to phrase, pace, expose a story. I think about that more now when I read other things, but that sense of suspenseful, purposeful storytelling is really clear in his books (The Name of the Wind, and its sequel), and I just ate it up. And as for what makes Kingsolver special, I love (and hate, a little bit, because it makes me feel a bit bad about myself) the strong moral sense that guides her books. I read for escapism a lot, but that's not completely possible with a Kingsolver book, and I respect the ability to make a beautiful book that makes its readers aware they're sort of bad people.
  • How often do they attend signings/readings? What do they enjoy about them?  I've never been to one. Would I consider going? um...maybe. I watched Tim O'Brien read from The Things They Carried in a video in a high school English class, and I remember being put off by his attitude and the way he read. That kind of put me off the idea. I'd say, I would go to a book reading of an author I liked if I was invited. I'm not really interested in having an autographed book.
  • If they could ask their favorite author any question, what would it be?  I don't think I would! I have always been pretty frightened of interviewing people.
  • Which book has most recently surprised or delighted them?  hah. um, probably The Name of the Wind. I hadn't read fantasy in, like, 10 years, got hooked on A Song of Ice and Fire, picked up the Rothfuss on a whim and an NPR recommendation, and it was so good my head popped off.
  • Of everything they’ve read so far this year, what would they most recommend?      Um...I'd have to go with The Name of the Wind, it was really goddamn good. But it's the first in a trilogy, and he only just published the second one. :c
And, there you have it.

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