Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#Amwriting and It Feels So Good

This has been a good week for me. 

First, I'm making some progress with my freelancing goals for the month.  I wrote two articles on spec and submitted them to small markets.  One pays, the other is free but has good exposure and is in my niche, so I can use it to get better assignments later.  I also pitched an article idea at a magazine.  I'm really hoping to get back some good news on these submissions.  It's already pretty sweet getting paid to write for a living, but if I could transition out of the content mills and start doing some real journalism it'd be pretty sweet. 

In fiction-land, I found myself getting totally inundated with critique partner offers from the MSFV Crit Partner Dating Service.  I think I ended up with six new potential CPs and have had to turn away two people so far because I'm just swamped with offers.  Who knew I'd be so appealing?  I'm going to have to make a chart or something so I can keep track of who's reading what and what I owe them in return.  We all know that organization isn't really my strongest quality.

It's nice, though, having somebody holding you accountable.  I sent the first few pages of z!CJ to them and now that I know people are waiting on more, I pretty much have to work on it again.  I managed a little over 500 words on it this morning.  Not exactly stellar, but hey, better than what I've been doing.

Sadly, I just get back to the day job.  Writing about credit cards would be so much more enjoyable if I weren't half-asleep.  *grumble grumble* But, hey, it still beats call center hell by a mile.  

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