Monday, September 10, 2012

A Non-Consumer's Birthday!

Happy birthday to me today!

Last night, I went out with my boyfriend's family and was treated to barbecue and homemade pudding cake.  Then David gave me a great surprise present:  a used Android phone.

That might sound like an odd gift, but for me, it's perfect.  There's no cell service on the phone and no contract or bill.  Instead, he set it up for me so that I can connect to any WiFi network and use it like a small tablet computer.  I can take pictures, post to sites, listen to music, play games and surf the web on it anywhere with an Internet connection.  Best of all, he made sure to load the Kindle app, so it replaces my own Kindle that I lost a few weeks ago. 

Here's something you might not know about smart phones:  You can unlock many of them and use them without a SIM card.  This means that you can use them exactly like an iPod Touch or any other sort of small tablet.  This is great because there's a TON of outdated used cell phones just lying around in most places.  When people upgrade their phone contract, they usually end up with shiny new phones, and the old phones are discarded -- recycled, put in thrift stores, sold on Craigslist, used as paperweights.

The best part about it, though, is that you can still use these phones to call people if you use Skype or Google Voice.  You'll need to be somewhere with a WiFi connection, but Google Voice will give you a phone number and a voicemail system.  Anyone who calls you can leave a message if you're away from the Internet, and you can call them back once you're back in a service area completely for free.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with my shiny new toy.  I can't wait to try out the camera; I should be able to get all sorts of great blog photos up soon!


  1. That's awesome! Happy birthday! =D

  2. ooh, i didn't know any of that! That's totally awesome! And super happy birthday!!