Sunday, January 20, 2013

Publishing News Cometh!

First, how many of you went and took a peek at Obscura Burning after last week?  If you didn't, you really should.  I'm just saying.

Okay then!  Here's a few of the interesting things I've discovered this week in the land of publishing news, writer tips and other useful tidbits.

  • Krissy Brady offers some personal finance tips for authors.  Seeing as tax season is upon us, this is worth a look. 
  • I mentioned this one on my Facebook before, but it bears repeating here -- DarkMarkets has a great selection of fantasy, sci-fi and horror markets for books, short stories and anthologies.  Seeing as Duotrope went to a paid-subscription basis recently, this is worth bookmarking. 
  • The folks at Falling for Fiction provide some interesting statistics about consumer book reviews. 
  • In an unsurprising twist, Mary Kole at Kidlit is now offering editorial services. (Incidentally, the same is true for Miss Snark's First Victim).
  • Kobo now owns 20% of the market for e-books -- which is huge, considering it's pretty much brand new. 
  • DigitalBookWorld asserts that there is no publishing industry -- or, rather, that the business of making "books" is obsolete, and the focus is now on the ideas they contain.  
  • For those choosing the self-pub route, here are some tips for creating a cover

And, just for fun:  Cracked  breaks down the winning formula behind writing a Nicholas Sparks romance.

Write happy!

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