Sunday, January 27, 2013

Publishing News for The 27th

So, apologies for the lack of CTT this week; I wrote up a post and somehow never actually published it.  Oops! I'll get it up for next week.  Anyway, as for publishing news!  We're almost one month into the new year (how time flies!) and time shall tell where things go.  It's interesting to me to see just how much the industry has changed since I first started writing, and especially in the last few years.  Things that used to be completely unheard of (like agents offering self-publishing options) are accepted as common-place, and the whole model is changing.  What an interesting time to be a writer.

Anyway, enough waxing philosophical.  Here are the posts I've found interesting this week:

  • Lori Perkins, a super-agent who's always been a little ahead of the curve when it comes to new developments in the industry, is asking for trunk novels (those little gems that you love but everyone always told you were un-sellable).  
  • The folks at Writer Unboxed envision a world in the new, changing landscape of agents and what the future holds for them.  They also tackle the myth that "writers should just write."  (for my money, that's never really been the case, even in the "golden age" -- whenever you decide that was)
  • Janice Hardy discusses those writing "rules" we follow without understanding the reasoning behind them (I know I've run across that plenty!)
  • Quora has begun offering blogs as a good way for writers (and everybody else) to immediately reach a wide audience.  Will you be jumping on yet another social media bandwagon? 
  • A really cool glimpse into the artistic process behind crafting a book cover.  There is a LOT of work that goes into this sort of art!
  • A glimpse at just how much impact photos have on Facebook engagement (and other social media). 
  • Some discussion of plot points (and plot holes) and how to handle them better from the folks at Science Fiction & Fantasy Novelists. 
  • In the more mainstream media, the "battle" between self-pub and trad-pub writers seems to still be raging -- even though most authors in the blogosphere seemed to have realized that the smartest writers do both. 
  • Some of the doom-and-gloom of publishing seems to be lightening up:  "Despite this shifting landscape, the 2013 Digital Book World Conference and Expo that took place last week was an event filled with optimism and energy," reports the Huffington Post. 

And on that positive note, I'll conclude this week's publishing highlights :) Now, off to do some writing!

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