Sunday, March 10, 2013

Publishing News for 3/10

It's been a while since I've done a publishing news round-up.  Nothing wrecks your schedule like moving! Here's a few highlights, though.

First, the biggest item of news:  John Scalzi rips apart the Hydra contract and speaks some pretty firm words about Random House.  This is the newest in some pretty sleazy, questionable big-pub maneuvers, and it's something everybody needs to watch out for. 

Here are the other interesting bits I've seen lately:

  • The Author's Road talks about the Self-publishing Debate.  It looks like the only people "debating" this any more are those wedded to the traditional way of doing things (rather than a flexible hybrid approach).
  • Wal-Mart may reconsider its decision to pass on Barnes & Noble
  • The Wall Street Journal talks about Hugh Howey's Wool and, of course, mega-agent Kristin Nelson's negotiation skills. 
  • The Book Designer talks about the Top Five Legal issues for Authors and Self-Publishers
  • Simon & Schuster is aggressively marketing its sleazy Author Solutions services by offering an affiliate program to authors who refer their friends.
  • Some book promotion advice from Indie author Joseph Lallo

Also, for those interested in the contest circuit, Pitch Madness is coming up in a few days.  Be sure to polish up your pitches. 

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