Thursday, April 11, 2013

Forever Home

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The third tale in the book, and also the longest, is called "Forever Home."  The initial germ of this story was born over a decade ago as a very simple thought: What if a dog shapeshifter used his abilities to pick up girls?

It was a long time before I found the link between that story idea and the folk ballad of Reynardine, and even longer before all of that would coalesce into a story.  Reynardine is a story about a womanizing, potentially dangerous rake -- who is, in at least one version, also a were-fox.

I wanted to write a story about love, but I also wanted to talk about pet ownership and the way we relate to animals.  I also wanted to say something about the romantic comedy tropes of "stalking is love" and turn all of that on its head in a (hopefully interesting) way.

Here's a teaser:

This time around, the adopter was a woman. Young enough to be pretty, but old enough to have seen a rough life. The smell of anger and sadness and despair clung to her just as strongly as it did to the pound itself, but her scent had an extra layer, the kind of smell that drives dogs crazy: Loneliness. This was a lady who was looking for something – or someone – to fill an empty place inside of her, and every dog in the shelter hoped that they'd be the one to do it.
Of course, she'd be coming home with me. She didn't know that yet, but I was quite sure of it. I settled down to my haunches and waited for her to come close.
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