Sunday, April 7, 2013

Publishing News for April 7, 2013

I've missed a few Publishing News round-ups these past few weeks.  I blame the stress of the book pre-release + the scramble to get my taxes taken care of.  I just haven't been reading as much news lately as I'd like.  All the same, I did read a few good links this week that deserve to be mentioned:

  • Elizabeth Naughton gives some straight-talk about self-publishing from a trad author POV.  The more of these stories I hear about the midlist-gone-self authors, the more i realize that this really is the future of the industry.  
  • Anne R. Allen cites some pretty depressing information about non-fiction publishing and urges would-be self-help, travel and memoir writers to consider blogging instead.
  • Some tips on making $1 million from ebook sales (I'll give you a hint: It's all about building buzz) aimed at non-fiction writers
  • Jane Friedman discusses whether KDP Select is worthwhile
  • Ways to load up your Kindle, especially helpful in the case of validating e-book formatting!
  • A super-easy step-by-step guide on making a mailing list with MailChimp
  • A handy infographic that shows just how much of a difference there is between big-pub and self-pub money


  1. Thanks a bunch for the shout out, T.L.! I agree with Elizabeth Naughton--the midlist (as well as nonfic authors) can't make money with the Big 5 any more. But indie publishing gives us a great new road. Small digital presses are an option, too. And blogging is great for writers who don't want to be career book authors. I don't mean to be depressing--I just wanted to tell new authors not to go through the heartbreak of querying agents with nonfic any more. The bestseller list is a game for billionaires and SuperPACs. Look at it this way: we don't have to waste any more time reading bestselling nonfic. Apparently nobody reads it. It's bought up in bulk and pulped.

    1. That was the depressing part - who knew how politicized all of that had become?! Of course, I admit that I can't think of the last non-fiction book I've purchased, except for a handful of cookbooks. Why bother, when I have so many blogs that I follow? ;)