Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Virtual Book Signing and Q&A Space

The Beast in the Bedchamber has been out for a little over a week, and I've gotten a lot of feedback and comments from readers -- which is awesome.  One of the comments I receive frequently is, "I wish there were a print copy of your book available."  And let me tell you:  I do, too!  

Due to the length of Beast, though, it's not really cost-effective to print up a book.  At its current length, printing costs would make it far too pricey to make it worthwhile for readers; I just wouldn't be comfortable charging you guys that much.  In the future, I hope to release an expanded and fully illustrated version whose added value will make it more reasonable.  

In the meantime, though, I have something that may interest some of you:  I can digitally sign your ebook through Authorgraph! 

You just have to click the book and request whatever personal message you'd like.  I then create a digital file through Authorgraph that you can store on your Kindle or other device.  The instructions for how to retrieve and upload your Authorgraph will be sent to you.

So, how cool is that?  All the fun of a book signing without all that waiting in line and toting around a book.  

To make it extra-fun, I'd like to open up the comments on this post as a Q&A space to discuss anything you'd like about me, my book, my upcoming releases, my writing career, etc.  Ask away! 

Note:  I plan to make Authorgraph an ongoing feature for all of my ebooks.  So any book that I release from here on out, feel free collect Authorgraphs for them all if you want. 

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