Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Epiphany, An Update, and an Entreaty

I found a supremely interesting blog post today.  It was a reader survey, asking about a variety of habits of readers and how they interact with their favorite authors.  Many of the responses were surprising because they go against so much of the industry advice circulating out there -- but at the same time, they make a certain intuitive sense.  As a reader, I found myself agreeing with most of these findings:

-- Readers enjoy books in multiple POVs
-- People don't have enough time to read blog posts
-- When people do read an author blog, it's because they want more of the author's voice (especially humor)
-- Facebook is the preferred method to follow people/keep up with things
-- Readers want to read more books, not all this other promotional crap we're told we need to create

All of this feels supremely liberating.  It also makes me feel a whole lot less guilty about neglecting this blog.

That said, I know some of you folks read this thing, and I do enjoy writing in it from time to time, and it sure is nice to have something out here for the new folks to take a peek at.

So here's my entreaty for you: Tell me what you want from me.

What can I do to make this blog awesome?  What can I do to improve my Facebook page?  What kind of content do you actually want to see?

Extended/deleted scenes?
Author commentary?
New (short) fiction and snippets?
Sneak peeks?

You name it, I'll post it.

(also, if I haven't told you in a while, I love you all)

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