Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kickstarter: Doll, a storytelling game, and an upcoming anthology appearance

So, I really love Kickstarter.  I love browsing the projects, I love the Indie atmosphere, I love the creativity in the way campaigns are made and prizes are offered.  Sometimes I go to Kickstarter just to lurk around and see all of the cool people who are making cool things.

And occasionally I actually get up the balls to contact those cool people when I remember that I myself am also a cool person who makes cool things.

Recently I've had some pretty fun conversations with game developers and other artists on Kickstarter, and in the process I found an opportunity too awesome to pass up.  Which is how I ended up finding myself taking part in Doll, an interactive story game.

One of the stretch goals for the game involves an anthology of doll-related stories and (spoiler alert!) yours truly will be featured.

If the project hits $3,000, its next stretch goal will be for everyone involved in the project -- myself included -- to receive a pay raise.

That's a pretty good incentive for you guys to go look at funding it, I'd say ;)

In terms of logistics, every backer at the $10 level gets the anthology (in addition to a print and digital copies of the game, an extended rulebook and an audio copy).  So what are you waiting for?  Go back this!  There's only four days left!  GO GO GO.

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