Monday, November 4, 2013

Books for Adults -- More Thoughts

I was hosted as a guest-blogger today at Writers Helping Writers, talking about why it's important to write fiction for adults.  If you haven't read it yet, hop over to check it out, I'll wait.

Anyway.  Today was a good day, even if it wasn't particularly productive.  I worked solidly through the weekend and gave myself a fine head-start for the week, which led me to be more than a little lazy this Monday.  But that's okay.  Sometimes a lazy Monday is just what you need.

We've also been hosting a friend/couch-surfer/quasi-roommate of late, and while I don't mind (truth be told, I really rather like having a rat, I have a deep need for a colony), I decided I could do with some breathing room.  So I headed to the local library.

Libraries are such magical places.  Not just because of the books (and there are so, so many books), but because they double as community hubs -- a place to come for internet, shelter, tax advice, healthcare advice, voting assistance, you name it.

Growing up, I spent a lot of my time in libraries.  They were the first place we found in a new city, and they always felt safe and secure even in pretty scary towns (pro tip: when you're working for power plants, you do not live in posh neighborhoods).  Hell, I even had clandestine meetings with my first boyfriend at a local library, and I can still remember exactly how that library smelled in the springtime -- like old books and fresh cut grass wafting in from outside.

It's not at all obvious what my interests are, not one bit.
Anyway.  So I trundled off to the local library under the pretense of doing some work, but quickly found myself getting distracted.  I was itching to read something, so I wandered my way through the stacks to see if I could scratch that itch.

I had a few realizations: 
1.) Adults may not turn to fiction for answers about their lives, but they sure as hell still read nonfiction about it.  I think in some form or another, at least 75% of all adult nonfiction is some kind of "self-help" book.  I wonder why younger readers tend to turn toward fiction while adults crave nonfiction?  Hmmm.

2.) I'm just as guilty of that as the next person.  Sometimes I get on a nonfiction kick and that's all I'll read for months at a time.  I'm not sure if that's just because there's not enough fiction to fill my demand, or if I just get on obsessive learning sprees, or maybe both.

3.) It's been a while since I've browsed the stacks aimlessly -- I'm usually there searching for something specific -- but there are books about everything out there.  Seriously, there were some astonishingly bizarre and hyper-specific titles, all crammed together.  It was magical.

So I picked up a tidy stack of books and wandered home, eager to jump in.  I'll let you know how it goes.  As the year starts to wind down, I've been finding myself very much in a "storage" mode -- gathering food, stockpiling, storing.  Right now, I've got a freezer full of meat I bought on sale (about 20lbs all-told, for about $18), a slow-cooker full of beans, and a pumpkin being roasted in the oven.  I've got a few other projects planned for the week -- including a few types of pickles and candied limes.  Maybe this year I'll even get my shit together to make some proper from-the-home Christmas gifts.

Anyway.  Off to work through my stack of books, and I'll report back if I find anything awesome in them.

Note: If you haven't seen already, The Beast in the Bedchamber is now free on Smashwords.  I'm working on getting it free through B&N and Amazon and everybody else -- but until then, you can get the updated version on Smashwords.  Why would you want to do that, you ask?  Because it has an exclusive and never-before-seen excerpt from my new release Tagestraum in it!

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