Monday, December 2, 2013

Tagestraum...Coming Soon!

I was going to wait until the cover was finished to make the official announcement, but I've gotten so many questions about it that I figured I should just spill the beans.  Of course, if you've been following my blog (and writing career) for a while, you know all about Tagestraum already.

If's what you need to know:

Working as a child welfare agent, Adrian has seen a lot of disturbing things. Nathaniel Weaver isn’t the first kid in the city who’s ever gone missing, but his disappearance haunts Adrian in a way he cannot entirely explain. Maybe it’s because the child looks so eerily similar to himself. Maybe it’s the drawing that Nathaniel gave to him the last time they met: a cloaked nightmarish figure that Adrian recognizes from his own dreams.

When Adrian returns once more to the scene of the disappearance, he finds a doorway leading to another world: Tagestraum, a bizarre and often treacherous faerie realm powered by human dreams. The world itself threatens the safety and sanity of any human that crosses into it, and several of its denizens are eager to harvest errant humans for a little raw energy.

Adrian knows that he’s the only person who can find Nathaniel – but to do it, he must battle both dangerous inhabitants and his own worst nightmares, and each night that passes brings Adrian closer to losing himself completely.   

And a little teaser about that dastardly handsome unicorn some of you may have caught a glimpse of, if you've been following Claire's epic cover art progress: 

Adrian expected the body to disappear. 
It didn’t. 
Nothing happened, actually; at least, not as far as Adrian could see.  Sonia stood over the body a moment, head bowed as if in prayer. Then she bent down, lifted the body over her arms – it flopped, uselessly, awkwardly, like a partially-deflated blow-up doll – unbolted the door, and, with an awkward heave, flung Zachariah’s remains out onto her door step.  She whistled, a long, low note, and a unicorn stepped from between the trees, gleaming with all the brilliance of the sun, lowered his head over the deflated corpse, and opened his mouth. 
Sonia closed the door, rather hurriedly, and dusted off her hands on her short skirt. 
“Unicorns eat dead bodies?” 
“Well, yes,” she said, a little uncomfortably; her wings fluttered, humming quietly in what Adrian now recognized as extreme unease.  “What else would they eat?”
Around the cracks of the door, Adrian could see a faint, multi-hued glow – the brilliant, gleaming white of the unicorn, but other colors as well, greens and pinks and blues, all of them star-bright and mingling in blinding, prismatic brilliance outside, suggesting that other unicorns had come out to join in the feast.  He could just make out the faint sound of many creatures breathing and shifting outside the cottage, and, beneath that, a very quiet, wet noise, much like a hungry dog hurriedly slurping up table scraps.  

Tagestraum - coming this Christmas season! 

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