Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blog Tour Kick-Off Party!

Kicking off the month-long celebration of Tagestraum, I'm being interviewed today over at Suzanne Van Rooyen's blog.  Suzanne and I have a bit of shared history, actually.  Her novel Obscura Burning was listed in the same query contest as Tagestraum, and I eagerly followed her to see what would happen.  As it worked out, the book was published soon after and I was one of the first people to read and review it.  It was worth the wait.  (What do you mean, you haven't read Obscura Burning yet?  Go!  Read it!)

Anyway, today I'm over there chatting about Tagestraum, video games, dark fantasy and a whole lot more.  Drop in to chat, and be sure to enter the raffle for your chance at some cool prizes!

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