Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trigger Warnings and Whatnot

Because people have asked -- and because I will always honor these requests when asked -- I wanted to talk for a moment, honestly, about what you might expect when reading Tagetraum

First: I would not call it a horror. 

I mean, there are bits that are undeniably creepy.  There's a character who is essentially a mix of human and spider.  There's things that go bump in the night, literally.  But there's little chance that anything in this book will give you nightmares, even if it's a story that deals directly with nightmares.

It's also not particularly violent.  There is some violence in it.  Some characters do die, sometimes in grisly ways.  But it's rarely graphic, and much of the violence is almost cartoonish.  Imagine something on par with, say, the movie Stardust and you'll get pretty close. 

And many of you Nezumi's Children readers will be relieved to know that there is no sexual violence in the story.  In fact, there's not really any sex at all.  There's some innuendo.  There's some very sensual lesbian faeries.  There's a brothel, and the heavy implication of things going on there, but it's never portrayed in detail. 

A character does get essentially "mind-raped," having his thoughts read against his will.  It's intrusive and disturbing, and he comes away feeling exceptionally violated, but it's not precisely a sexual act. 

There is a description of a child dying.  It's painful to get through (and was very difficult to write) but it's not super graphic.  There's some descriptions of child abuse and neglect, but again, they're not particularly over-the-top. 

And...I think that's pretty much it. 

My intent in writing Tagestraum was to create a story that was simultaneously a lighthearted adventure, a creepy atmospheric piece and a frank glimpse into the very normal, very broken mechanics of an abusive home. 

So if you've been uneasy about my other works, Tagestraum is probably a good place to start.  It's not as brutal as Nezumi's Children, and it doesn't have nearly the squick factor of The Beast in the Bedchamber

As a note:  I will always  provide honest trigger warnings/assessments of my stories if asked.  I have a lot of friends and readers who I value deeply, and it is never my intention to ever hurt anyone unintentionally.  I know you can't walk around with your book to explain it away to people, but if you need to ask about anything specific, know that you can always approach me about that.  I won't judge, I won't lie, and I won't make fun of you.  It's really the least I can do.

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