Thursday, September 29, 2016

WIP: House of Lazarus

I got back the finished art for the cover of my upcoming novel, House of Lazarus, and I wanted to show it off. Also, it gives me a great opportunity to talk a bit about the book, which I very much look forward to sharing with you all. There's no definitive release date yet, but I'll keep you posted. 

But first, look at this: 

This from the insanely talented and amazing Jillian Lambert, whose art also graces the cover of The Beast in the Bedchamber. 

And now, a blurb: 

21-year-old Davin Montoya has been dead for two years, but he's doing his best to keep a low profile.He's the sole guardian of his younger sister, Zoe, and would do anything to keep her safe.  
He's part of a small group of Undead who live and work among the living, relying on the life-extension drug Lazarus to provide relief from the constant pain of their condition and "pass" for Breathers.  If he's found out, he'll be forced to comply with the Undead Registration Act, a set of laws that will govern where he can live, who he can love - and ensure he'll never see Zoe again.   
But when Lazarus is linked to outbreaks of sudden violence, the drug becomes increasingly difficult and more dangerous to obtain. And as Davin struggles to find a solution, he uncovers the terrible secret behind Lazarus - and the Resurrection Virus itself. But is it too late to do anything with this information? Are the Undead too far gone to be saved? 
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