Friday, December 2, 2016

TNT Horror Contest Update

This just in: My story "What I Found on the Deep Web" is a semi-finalist in TNT's Horror Contest, hosted by Wattpad.

Help me get into the finals by voting. 

You'll need a Wattpad account (it's free! and enables you to read and comment on works by up-and-coming fresh names and talented young authors, among many other people).

Then just read the story and click "vote" (it's the star icon). Voting runs from today (Dec. 2) to Dec. 6, and the top 35 entrants will go on to the next round.

Please consider supporting me by voting!

And please, please consider spreading this message to your friends, family, and any other horror fans.

I don't often ask for help, but this opportunity is amazing and I want the best shot I can. THANK YOU!

So What is This All About, Anyway? 

Ok. Quick primer for those who aren't familiar with Wattpad: it's a free reading app where writers can post their stories one chapter at a time. It's part self-publishing platform, part blog, part social media site, and a place for readers and writers to connect. 

Because so many young people are using Wattpad, it's become a great place for publishers, agents, even film studios to look for fresh talent. In this particular case, TNT (the television network) has teamed up with Wattpad to find fresh talent and ideas for their Tales From the Crypt reboot. 

To that end, they're running this contest. 

Out of more than 2,000 entries, 100 have been chosen (one of which being the story noted above). These will be voted on by the community, and the 35 entries with the most votes will go before a panel of TNT judges who will decide on 10 finalists. Every finalist receives a monetary prize and a chance at having their story optioned as an episode of the show. The grand prize winner receives $20,000 and will have their story optioned for TV. 

So - go take a peek, and tell me what you think. 

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