Saturday, December 10, 2016


First off, the big news: My story "What I Found on the Deep Web" made it to the Top 35 in the TNT Horror Contest! I ended the voting period with an utterly amazing 112 votes, for which I must thank all of you wonderful followers who took the time to show your support. Whatever happens next, y'all are the real winners!

As we speak, my story and 34 other semi-finalists are being reviewed by TNT's own judges, who will short-list 10 finalists (each of whom will receive a $2,000 prize) and one lucky grand prize winner will receive $20,000 and have their story optioned for film. I am unbelievably excited and anxious to see what will happen next - and you bet I'll let y'all know the results as soon as I know them!

Until then, I'm keeping myself busy as best I can. Here's a sneak peek at what I have in store:

Insomnia: Stories to Read With the Lights Turned On is a collection of horror stories and creepypasta, presented in a not-quite-interactive narrative that puts you in a writer's shoes.

Stories include tales from my Tumblr, some older stories I'm reprinting, and some entirely new content. Once I finish the collection, I will adapt an interactive version for Twine as well as releasing a straight text version for Kindle.

But in the meantime, you can read the collection for free on Wattpad as it comes together! So if you're not already following me, be sure to follow me on Wattpad for updates on this and other future stories.

I am also of course working on finishing up House of Lazarus for an early 2017 release. I ran into technical difficulties with the draft, but I'm aiming to have an early version available for beta-readers very soon.

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