About Me

This is my friend's rat, Figgy.  He likes kisses. 
I write dark fantasy and horror.  I'm interested in uncanny, fantastic things, and the way real people with real problems interact with them.  You can find my published works on Amazon. You can also read my up-and-coming stories on Wattpad, or check out my Tumblr for writing advice, creepypasta, and more.

When not writing, I mostly waste entirely too much time derping around the internet.  I'm a conscious consumer and avoid buying things that are mass-produced and manufactured.  I'm an aspiring locavore, an urban homsteader, and a full-time geek. I once ran a small-scale rat rescue and have helped rehome over 50 rats.  I also play way too many video games, cook strange food and watch more movies than I should.

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