Other Writing

"Monologue," Twisted Tongue issue 7
"Werehouse," MicroHorror 
"Flowers for Lily," Magazine of the Dead
"Falling Away," Static Movement.  Reprinted at Static Movement Print Special 2"
Angelfish," All Things Girl
"Jenny," Whortleberry Press
"The Academy," Freedom Fiction
"The Toymaker," Trust Me from Ginger Goat. 

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Interview with Suzanne Van Rooyen
Tagestraum Sneak Peek with Sarah Ahiers
Character Interview with White One by Petre Pan


I make interactive fiction games using Twine. You can see them here.

I've also done work for Black Chicken Studios, contributing writing to a game called Academagia.  You should go check it out.  It's a life-sim game set in a steampunk world with a school for mages -- basically Harry Potter meets Tales of the Earthsea.   I also helped put together the gamebook Holdfast.


I talk about horror culture and gaming at Ravenous Monster.  Peek in regularly for reviews, essays and thoughts on the topic of horror.  There's plenty of other contributors, too, so you should be sure to check them out.